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  • Bitter Heat: Deliberate Global Warming Via ‘Trick’ Cheney,Texas Oil, Spies, Organized Crime, and Big Real Estate

    Bitter Heat: Deliberate Global Warming Via ‘Trick’ Cheney,Texas Oil, Spies, Organized Crime, and Big Real Estate

    This book gives new perspective on just whom activists must target to slow global warming—that is, target those who are warming the globe deliberately and hugely, instead of just semi-accidentally and in small degree, like the rest of us. The book delineates how and where profits are being taken, by large corporate interests (in oil, crime, and real estate) through a deliberate acceleration of global warming by commercial actions of this group. Thus, the book gives evidence that the effective concert of Big Oil, Organized Crime, and Big Real Estate is liable legally for planet harm—the law says one is liable for a harm if in an action he either intended the harm or intentionally acted while knowing it would do harm. Beyond this, the book is educational in giving a revised history of important events of Western corporate exploitation of foreign natural resources—in the regions of central Africa and MesoAmerica—which events have been crucial to the acceleration of global warming.


  • Beyond Revanche: The Death of La Belle Epoque

    Beyond Revanche: The Death of La Belle Epoque

    Nations go to war in a blare of trumpets and glory for high designs like Defence of the smaller nation, Democracy and Justice. Behind this rhetoric is the pain and anguish of slaughter, misery, starvation and death so that rich men grow richer. Beyond Revanche exposes the grotesque injustice of a world war within which small group of French policemen in the Deuxieme Bureau have to come to terms with the reality of destruction. Stretched to the limit they seek answers to the conundrum of who is actually controlling the war in France and beyond. The conspiracy they unearth threatens their very survival and that of France itself. Politics and injustice, sacrifice and conspiracy, violence and murder stalk the grand boulevards of Paris while the apparent ravings of a madman sheds a completely different light on events in the city and the politics of division. This fast-paced story will enthral both readers who have no knowledge of the exposure of the French capital to capitulation in the first weeks of the war and those who have some awareness of these shocking times. The sheer complicity of rich and powerful men who willed the evil to their own advantage beggars belief. The main thread of events are witnessed by a young detective struggling to find acceptance and an assassin who is groomed to commit the final ‘necessary’ crime before war was declared in 1914. The following four years become an eye-opener to a truth which has been long buried.   Pre-order. Release date -- April 7, 2022


  • The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond

    The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond

    Afghanistan was an American crusade to win the cold war against the “Evil Soviet Empire” and remake the world in its own image. Our telling goes right to the heart of understanding what really happened to America with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead of fulfilling the Western Dream, the US trapped itself in its own nightmare of endless war. Now Americans long for a spiritual regeneration towards peace. No one seems able to make the process move in the right direction. Over four decades we assimilated an understanding of how to envision moving from war as an honorable sacrifice to peace that serves all. Our two-part novelized memoir delivers a revelatory look at how we came to that awareness throughworldly and otherworldly encounters with many fascinating people along the way.                   -The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond Book 1 combines Three Days of the Condor and JFK as journalist Paul Fitzgerald unravels the deep state mystery behind the unsolved 1979 assassination of U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Adolph Dubs. Dubs’ death changed the world as much as JFK’s but few even know his name. In a serendipitous encounter at the Kabul Hotel during his investigation, Paul meets a mysterious ally who not only helps him solve the Dubs’ murder, he challenges Paul’s assumptions about why he was drawn to Afghanistan in the first place and what to do about it.  


  • what's going on: A History of the Vietnam Era

    what's going on: A History of the Vietnam Era

    A half-century ago America was embroiled in a quagmire thousands of miles away from our shores that split the nation in two. Based upon extensive research and interviews, this book chronicles the history of that tempestuous timeframe. The author's succinct yet elegant writing style makes complex issues readily palatable to the knowledge thirsty reader. Relying heavily on oral history, the author offers a rich portrait of the Vietnam Era. Older readers will appreciate the book for its ability to help put a complex period of their lives into clearer perspective. Young people will be able to appreciate the deep implications of the Era and the impact that it had on our society. There are valuable lessons shared in this work that are fully applicable today including the power of organization that helped to not only end a senseless war but also served as a catalyst for significant cultural changes.


  • 2045: Global Projects at War

    2045: Global Projects at War

    The break up of countries, the end of the current planetary economic model, the regionalization of economies, the birth of global supra national projects. Change of the cosmic energy of Atlanticism (NATO, USA, North Atlantic) to the Eastern and Pacific zone (Silk Road, China, Eurasia) with Latin America as its second node. The book explains what the new economic model will need to be constructed and agreed on after the global collapse of our world in 2 or 3 years.


  • Liberated! The Economics of Hope

    Liberated! The Economics of Hope

    No one creates any money to repay the debt, so we have to borrow and go deeper in debt. In real life the banksters have made us all debt slaves waiting hopefully for liberation from our bondage.


  • Counting Bounty

    Counting Bounty

    How much do we spend on the nature we use? Answer that and you'll know the size of your commonwealth and the coming phase of the economy. Most economists bundle land with capital or leave out land and its rent altogether—and cripple their discipline. "Geonomists", OTOH, forecast the last recession to the exact quarter. Counting Bounty highlights a widespread blindspot. Most of us overlook land and its power to twist an economy. Householders typically spend most of their budget on land —beneath their homes and within every purchase like food—without awareness. Tallying rent, this work fills in those blindspots with insights society needs to know. It's not possible to do economics without getting politics all over you. The story begins with the official and academic efforts to minimize the total worth of Earth in America. A perusal of the historical relationship between the elite and the intellectual shows that paying the piper, calling the tune, is the norm, even up to the present. Using a slew of statistics and others' research findings, I track rent to its recipients, to the rentiers who own much and wield much power. The cited sources give the story more legs to stand on than a centipede. Aware reformers can address pressing problems by tapping land value. Towns in Pennsylvania infill instead of sprawl; efficient land use conserves energy. Pittsburgh spurs urban renewal sans subsidy; cities are cash starved. Once towns in Australia experienced factory openings … during a recession! Aspen Colorado and Hong Kong build affordable housing, narrowing inequality. Alaska and Singapore pay residents a dividend, freeing some to drop out of the rat race. Watching rent flow sheds light on how economies operate, why they sometimes fail, and what a society can do about it. As critical issues reach a tipping point, the problems that misdirecting rent causes, redirecting rent can solve. Drawing attention to the grand total for rent by itself raises the possibility of redirecting


  • Free Radicals

    Free Radicals

    War Resisters in Prison By C J Hinke CJ Hinke was arrested in more than 35 civil disobedience actions organized by the pacifist movement from 1963 to 1969. He was the last American arrested for the Vietnam draft and was pardoned by Jimmy Carter in his first official act as US president. After moving to Canada, he defended himself before the British Columbia Supreme Court, and served prison time, including solitary confinement, for blockading clearcut logging and roadbuilding by multinational corporados. Fear is what keeps most citizens from active resistance. This book is intended to break that cycle of fear and encourage broad resistance to militarism. Free Radicals: War Resisters in Prison is the first chronicle of absolutist resisters to war from World War I through Iraq and Afghanistan, surveying military conscription and desertion worldwide. The book's extensive bibliography on war resistance, conscription, and prisons is the first in its field. Living in Thailand since 1989, CJ Hinke co-founded Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) to campaign against pervasive censorship in Thai society following a military coup d'etat in 2006. FACT's campaign is active both locally and internationally in opposing online, book, and film censorship: "Freedom of opinions, freedom of thought, freedom of ideas, every one of us deserves a voice." CJ Hinke is an international advisor to the WikiLeaks board and FACT provided the very first documents – Thailand's Internet blocklists– to the WL platform. As a Quaker, the author co-founded the Bangkok-based Nonviolence Conflict Workshop (NVCW) to promote the peaceful political solutions based on the teachings of Gene Sharp.   HISTORY400 PAGES, 6 X 9FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $23.95)PUBLICATION DATE: MARCH 2017ISBN 9781634240628RIGHTS: WOR


  • We Are CHANGE The Global Truth & Liberty Movement

    We Are CHANGE The Global Truth & Liberty Movement

    What started as a small New York City youth group quickly became one of the most prominent grassroots activist/citizen journalist organizations, with over 260 chapters worldwide. We Are CHANGE emerged from the ashes of a post-9/11 New York and would eventually change the world in a historic effort of epic proportions. The group became a leading force within key political movements, including the 9/11 Truth movement, the antiwar movement, the liberty/patriot movement, and Occupy Wall Street, and confronted some of the most powerful war criminals, propagandists and institutions, on their deepest, darkest lies and secrets. Featuring the insider account of a founding member, keynote speeches and important dialogue from 21st century thought-leaders, and much more, We Are CHANGE exposes covert reconnaissance operations against peaceful activist groups, explores pressing philosophical questions, and shares tales of trials and tribulations, as well as brotherhood and camaraderie. SOCIAL SCIENCE416 PAGES, 6 X 9FORMATS: TRADE PAPER, EPUB, MOBIPOCKETTRADE PAPER, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $26.95)PUBLICATION DATE: OCTOBER 2017ISBN 9781634241397RIGHTS: WORTRINE DAY (OCT 2017)


  • Most Dangerous  A True Story

    Most Dangerous A True Story

    A deeper understanding of the occult aspects of 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination The year is 2013, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, and Kent Bain discovers that he and the rest of the unwitting citizenry of Tupelo, Mississippi, are enmeshed in a year-long series of scripted events meticulously planned and brilliantly executed by some of the most ruthless, diabolically creative, powerful psychopaths on the planet. From a critical look at the suspicion-arousing Boston bombings to new revelations about the Kennedy assassination and the Zapruder film, the author weaves tantalizing insights into a range of historical events that help the reader better understand the breadth and depth of the villainy with which Kent is faced. BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY288 PAGES, 6 X 9FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $29.95)PUBLICATION DATE: JANUARY 2016ISBN 9781634240406RIGHTS: WORTRINE DAY (JAN 2016)


  • Fraud Upon the Court  Reclaiming the Law, Joyfully

    Fraud Upon the Court Reclaiming the Law, Joyfully

    A scathing look at our legal system, Fraud Upon the Court explores the important topic of fraud committed in a case by a member of the court. Mary Maxwell discusses famous trials in which she believes fraud upon the court has occurred, including the trials of Troy Davis, James Earle Ray, and various 9/11 cases, and advocates the use of a Writ of Coram Nobis to remedy the frauds. The book also explains the biological reason people believe authority and how to have a court case set aside if the judge cheated, no matter how many years ago. SOCIAL SCIENCE340 PAGES, 5.5 X 8.5FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $14.95 (US $14.95) (CA $17.95)PUBLICATION DATE: AUGUST 2015ISBN 9781634240123RIGHTS: WORTRINE DAY (AUG 2015)CREDOS


  • Drugs as Weapons Against Us

    Drugs as Weapons Against Us

    The CIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Leftists By John L. Potash Drugs as Weapons Against Us meticulously details how a group of opium-trafficking families came to form an American oligarchy and eventually achieved global dominance. This oligarchy helped fund the Nazi regime and then saved thousands of Nazis to work with the Central Intelligence Agency. CIA operations such as MK-Ultra pushed LSD and other drugs on leftist leaders and left-leaning populations at home and abroad. Evidence supports that this oligarchy further led the United States into its longest-running wars in the ideal areas for opium crops, while also massively funding wars in areas of coca plant abundance for cocaine production under the guise of a "war on drugs" that is actually the use of drugs as a war on us. Drugs as Weapons Against Us tells how scores of undercover U.S. Intelligence agents used drugs in the targeting of leftist leaders from SDS to the Black Panthers, Young Lords, Latin Kings, and the Occupy Movement. It also tells how they particularly targeted leftist musicians, including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Tupac Shakur to promote drugs while later murdering them when they started sobering up and taking on more leftist activism. The book further uncovers the evidence that Intelligence agents dosed Paul Robeson with LSD, gave Mick Jagger his first hit of acid, hooked Janis Joplin on amphetamines, as well as manipulating Elvis Presley, Eminem, the Wu Tang Clan, and others. John L. Potash is the author of The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders. His work has been published in theBaltimore Chronicle, the City Paper, Covert Action Quarterly, Rock Creek Free Press, and Z magazine. He lives in Baltimore. HISTORY420 PAGES, 6 X 9FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $24.95 (CA $29.99) (US $24.95)PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 2014ISBN 9781937584924RIGHTS: WORTRINE DAY (NOV 2014)


  • Deconstructing Wikileaks

    Deconstructing Wikileaks

    Julian Assange is regarded by many people as a hero, by others as a cyber-terrorist or even a spook, and by some … simply a dupe. In Deconstructing WikiLeaks, Daniel Estulin’s overview of the facts and fantasies surrounding WikiLeaks’ unprecedented outpouring of hi-jacked official documents, the reader is treated to dozens of perspectives from many interested observers and researchers, who have attempted to unearth the truth beneath this explosive, but enigmatic, engine of change.That truth has proved to be a hard cat to track, and the author freely admits to some ambivalence in his opinion of WikiLeaks. At the same time he documents comprehensively, with his own well-informed insights, the many contradictions concerning the mission statement, the strange omissions and the oddly selective nature of the documents released by WikiLeaks.In the midst of our ever-expanding exuberance of remote communications, Deconstructing WikiLeaks not only delves into the history of Assange and his arrival on the world scene, it furnishes a historical framework for the machinations of elite, long-ruling forces, and the complicity of the international tame media in the continuing obfuscation of evil deeds against democracy, world-wide awareness, and prosperity. POLITICAL SCIENCE192 PAGES, 5.5 X 8.5FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $21.95)ISBN 9781937584115RIGHTS: US & CA


  • Cryptoscatology Conspiracy Theory as Art Form

    Cryptoscatology Conspiracy Theory as Art Form

    An encyclopedic scope of conspiracy theories Examining nearly every conspiracy theory in the public's consciousness today, this investigation seeks to link seemingly unrelated theories through a cultural studies perspective. While looking at conspiracy theories that range from the moon landing and JFK's assassination to the Oklahoma City bombing and Freemasonry, this reconstruction reveals newly discovered connections between wide swaths of events. Linking Dracula to George W. Bush, UFOs to strawberry ice cream, and Jesus Christ to robots from outer space, this is truly an all-original discussion of popular conspiracy theories. SOCIAL SCIENCE376 PAGES, 6 X 9FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $21.95)ISBN 9781936296408RIGHTS: WOR


  • Radical Peace Refusing War

    Radical Peace Refusing War

    "Captures such complexities and depths of human existence, even apart from the immediate message."  —Noam Chomsky, author, 9-11, Failed States, and Hegemony or Survival This symphony of voices—a loosely united network of war resisters, deserters, and peace activists in Afghanistan, Europe, Iraq, and North America—vividly recounts the actions they have personally taken to end war and create a peaceful society. Frustrated, angered, and even saddened by the juggernaut of aggression that creates more counter-violence at every turn, this assortment of contributors has moved beyond demonstrations and petitions into direct, often radical actions in defiance of the government’s laws to impede its capacity to wage war. Among the stories cited are those of a European peace group that assisted a soldier in escaping from military detention and then deserting; a U.S.-educated Iraqi who now works in Iran developing cheaper and smaller heat-seeking missiles to shoot down U.S. aircraft after U.S. soldiers brutalized his family; a granny for peace who found young allies in her struggle against military recruiting; a seminary student who, having been roughed up by U.S. military at a peace demonstration, became a military chaplain and subverts from within; and a man who expresses his resistance through the destruction of government property—most often by burning military vehicles. William T. Hathaway is a political journalist and a former Special Forces soldier turned peace activist whose articles have appeared in more than 40 publications, including Humanist, the Los Angeles Times, Midstream Magazine, and Synthesis/Regeneration. He is an adjunct professor of American studies at the University of Oldenburg in Germany, and the author of A World of Hurt, CD-Ring, and Summer Snow.   From Amazon: Judyth Baker 5.0 out of 5 stars Peace Is Possible in a World Consumed by the Military-Industrial Complex Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2010 William Hathaway tells of his horrific experiences in the Vietnam War, and how he had to overcome some of his own nightmares as a Special Forces soldier there. He also presents first-person accounts of the horrors of war that our country, once beloved by millions across the world, has inflicted upon Iraqi's and others who have had the misfortune to oppose or sand in the way of US monetary and political goals.When I read how soldiers kicked in the door of a literature professor's home, brutalizing the entire family and hauling off the professor and his son due to making a name mistake, with resultant torture that turned the son --educated in the US, and pro-American--into a terrorist, I wept.I have personally met many refugees from Iraq in the political asylum system in the EU, who had similar fates. I have seen kids in wheelchairs and without legs because of US bombs that "liberated" their country. Much dirty work is done by hiring out mercenaries, so that "American boys" aren't being numbered among the killed. Money is the root of all wars in the 21st century, creating, in its wake, intense hatred for America and for "democracy" --something our quasi-fascist nation hasn't really enjoyed for decades. Neither Democrats nor Republicans can fix the broken system, for only two parties (basically) makes it ever-so-easy to control who makes it to the top. As one commentator said, "They've all been to the woodshed, and that includes Obama."Meanwhile, many formerly peace-loving Muslims have become radicalized, polarized, and energized with hatred.What to do?Has anything really changed since the last Presidential election?Since John F. Kennedy was eliminated by a shadow government and its unelected heirs, the only 'change' we've seen is the dying of the American Dream and American culture. We totter on the verge of becoming a third-world nation. Violence, drugs, illegal immigration, corruption a every level, and the highest rate of imprisonment in any 'advanced' country on earth now characterize our America. Land of the free? Be brave, and make it so! We need to clean our own house before taking on the world.Hathaway presents some truly radical ideas to create more peace in the world. He delves into the mystical, one might say, yet balances it with practical, even stunning, ideas. radical ones.For example, select a house slated for foreclosure, and rally around the family in trouble. We have a government willing to pay banks big bucks to keep them solvent, while the banks continue to throw people out of their homes. A revolution without action is a revolution doomed to failure, but it doesn't have to be violent. Both Gandhi and martin Luther King taught us that lesson.Don't be afraid to consider new ways of thinking--and some that are very old--that might make a difference. Transcendental meditation has been 'dirtied up' by the media: have you ever gone past the hype and looked into it?I'm tempted, after reading this book.So--read the book. Use its ideas to help our country emerge from its present crisis, and help re-establish our moral compass. Dr. Ludwig Watzal 5.0 out of 5 stars Peace Aktivists against War Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2012 William T. Hathaway is a former Special Forces soldier who turned peace activist and became a political journalist and a university teacher in Germany. "I was in the Special Forces in Panama and Vietnam. I'd joined the Green Berets to write a book about war. During our search-and-destroy operations, I kept telling myself, `I'm just here gathering material for a novel.' But our deeds have consequences that affect us and others regardless of why we do them. I'm still dealing with the repercussions from my involvement, and my work in the military resistance movement is a way of atoning for it." (10)The book presents stories and interviews by 15 peace activists who try desperately to do something against the wars the United States government is waging in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each of them is trying to throw sand in the wheels of aggressive undertakings by the different US governments. Most of the people involved in this peace project are considered "criminals" because they "violate that travesty of American freedom, the Patriot Act". (3) To protect the participants in this book project their names were anonymized.The stories told are shocking. "Larissa", a woman-soldier got physically abused by a male comrade. There were no consequences because she could not provide "evidence". An Iraqi woman by the name of "Merna al-Marjan" tells her family's story who was mistreated by soldiers who broke into there house in the middle of the night, ravaged the flat, took her brother and father with them and tortured the brother who finally joined the resistance and became a "terrorist". The West shouldn't be surprised that he faces severe resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq.The book ends with a dialog between the author and his Jewish friends who, after 40 years of marriage, wanted to get a divorce, because they were at odds with the policy of the Bush administration and the policy of the State of Israel! Thanks to Hathaway's sensitive counseling techniques they are still together.The forms of resistance presented in the book are all based on violating the law. Such a strategy can't succeed and turns all participants into criminals. No democrat can justify such actions. With such a strategy, this movement would go nowhere. Despite all that, the book is an unusual read.Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn, Germany. Political Science240 pages, Trade Paper, 5.5 x 8.510 B/W PhotosDistribution Rights: WOR$14.95 (CAN $16.95)9780979988691 (0979988691)      


  • Shadow Masters

    Shadow Masters

    "If you want to know who really runs the world and the lengths to which they will go to establish their globalist hegemony, you must read Estulin's well-documented The True Story of The Bilderberg Group." carolynbaker.net"Judging from the list of frontrunners of each party, Daniel Estulin . . . may be on to something." worldnetdaily.com"For some 15 years, Estulin has been a thorn in the sides of the Bilderbergers, relentlessly hunting down their secret meeting places, gaining inside sources who divulge what goes on behind closed doors, even photographing attendees and publicly disclosing it all. Now he has put it all in a book that every person who values freedom and democracy should read." Onlinejournal.com This investigation examines how behind-the-scenes collaboration between government, intelligence services, and drug traffickers has lined the pockets of big business and Western banks. Among the examples cited are the cozy relationship between Victor Bout, the largest weaponry dealer in the world, and George Bush’s administration; the NGOs who are plundering Darfur with the help of big multinationals seeking to take over the oilfields around the country; the ties that the Muslim Brotherhood maintains with the White House despite their involvement with the March 11th attacks in Madrid; and the embezzlement of more than $2.8 million from the International Monetary Fund by Roman Abramovich, the biggest oligarch in Russia. History, Current Events312 pages, Trade Paper, 6 x 930 B/W PhotosDistribution Rights: US & CA$24.95 (CAN $27.95)9780979988615 (0979988616)  


  • The True Story of the Bilderberg Group

    The True Story of the Bilderberg Group

    by Daniel Estulin North American Union edition Seventy-two new pages, bringing a timeline of overt and covert actions greasing the skids towards a North American Union, where our sovereignty is put aside in the name of economic efficiency. Unravel one of the best-kept secrets in political history. Delving into a world once shrouded in complete mystery and impenetrable security, this investigative report provides a fascinating account of the annual meetings of the world’s most powerful people—the Bilderberg Group. Since its inception in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek, the Bilderberg Group has been comprised of European prime ministers, American presidents, and the wealthiest CEOs of the world, all coming together to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. The press has never been allowed to attend, nor have statements ever been released on the attendees' conclusions or discussions, which have ramifications on the citizens of the world. Using methods that resemble the spy tactics of the Cold War—and in several instances putting his own life on the line—the author did what no one else has managed to achieve: he learned what was being said behind the closed doors of the opulent hotels and has made it available to the public for the first time. Daniel Estulin is an award-winning investigative journalist and has been researching the Bilderberg Group for more than 14 years. He is the host of two radio shows in Spain. Price: $24.95 Category: History, PoliticsPages: 434Book Type: PaperSize: 6 x 9ISBN: 0979988622


  • Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15 a Day

    Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15 a Day

    “Wayne Madsen divulges far more about those running the world to ruin than a dozen prize-winning journalists combined.” —Len Bracken, author, The Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror “Wayne Madsen scares the hell out of the Military-Industrial-Mendacity Complex— they have no weapon against the truths he hurls at them. A journalistic David against the Goliath of Washington officialdom, Madsen always hits the bull’s-eye by bringing the little-known or well-hidden facts to the big issues—terror, war, and bulging budgets—that are normally clouded by official flimflam, media flummery and public relations fluff. Madsen, who comes from inside the U.S. intelligence apparatus, writes with a unique combination of insider’s knowledge with outsider’s skepticism and a well-earned sense of outrage.” —Greg Palast, author, Armed Madhouse: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War “Wayne Madsen is as well connected to the U.S. intelligence community as any Washington journalist, and few are better at connecting the dots and raising disturbing questions. He has done so brilliantly in Jaded Tasks. This book takes the troubling events of the Bush era, presented disjointedly by the corporate news media, and melds them into a coherent narrative that illuminates the global strategy of the Neo Con revolution. Confused after watching or reading the news? Put down the paper, shut off the TV, and read this book.” —Joe Lauria, freelance journalist The highs and lows of the Bush administration from the vantage point of a political dissenter are revealed in this undaunted analysis of American government. Formerly an executive at a Fortune 500 company, Wayne Madsen quit his job and moved to Washington, DC, in 2000 to launch a journalistic, grassroots campaign that sought to cut through media hype and unveil the truth behind the politics. Selections of his writings are included, covering issues ranging from 9/11 and the Iraq war to the ousting of Bill Frist and Rick Santorum. As Madsen’s whistle-blowing became more pronounced, his financial support from sources within the capital dwindled. But as this riveting account shows, some battles can be fought even on a shoestring budget.


  • Fixing America

    Fixing America

    An explosive analysis of what ails the United States An award-winning investigative reporter provides a clear, honest diagnosis of the country's chronic diseases — corporate rule, big media, and the religious right — in this damning analysis. Exposing the darker side of capitalism, this critique raises alarms about the security of democracy in today's society, including the rise of the corporate state, the insidious role of professional lobbyists, the emergence of religion and theocracy as a right-wing political tactic, the failure of the mass media, and the sinister presence of an Orwellian neo-fascism. Drawing on historic voices that include John Adams, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, Robert F. Kennedy, James Madison, Thomas Paine, and Mark Twain, this treatise articulates a fresh vision for 21st-century America that deserves the attention of every patriot.   John Buchanan is an internationally published journalist and author whose work has appeared in more than 30 countries on six continents. He is founding editor and publisher of Maine Magazine and the recipient of many awards, including the Best News Writer in Miami selected by the Miami Beach Sun-Post in 1999, Best Freelance Writer selected by LocalBusiness.com in 2000, and "911 Truth Candidate" featured in The New Pearl Harbor. He lives in Los Angeles. John McConnell is the creator of Earth Day and the Minute for Peace.


  • Battle Space of Mind: 	AI and Cybernetics in Information Warfare

    Battle Space of Mind: AI and Cybernetics in Information Warfare

    The Nazi's never surrendered and planned their 4th Reich using neurocognitive weapons. Going underground their technology made it's way to S. America, the Soviet Union, the United States, among other places. We all are bound by the new rules of corporate fascism, long planned by Himmler, and his main strategy for a 4th Reich, financial control. Are we all just living in a computer-controlled information battlespace continued from World War II? This book dissects the matrix of control used by advanced military industrial powers; it breaks down the technology bit by bit so you have an understanding how technology is being used in a battle for your mind. I address these issues from a veteran's insight as a former Signal Intelligence specialist and with some background in the Intelligence Community, I bring forth countermeasures to this control, showing you how you can safeguard your mind from these attacks. Countermeasures that are not available anywhere in the commercial world, yet without them you will be easy prey for these directed targeted pulse modulated attacks first used by the Nazis. This book is so important that the book is available for free via PDF. The book and extra appendices are available at the author’s web archive: https://github.com/autonomous019/Battlespace-of-Mind   August/Spetember 2023


  • My Cosmic Trigger: High Strangeness in Theory and Practice

    My Cosmic Trigger: High Strangeness in Theory and Practice

    My Cosmic Trigger (Vol. 1): High Strangeness in Theory in Practice  This is the first volume in the My Cosmic Trigger book series, which commenced a quarter of a century ago when My Cosmic Trigger Finger is Broken was self-published online. Matt Vaughn’s original manuscript was, roughly speaking, Robert Anton Wilson fan non-fiction as the author had encountered comparable paranormal phenomena as Wilson, which were explored in his Cosmic Trigger Trilogy. Both authors experienced potential contact with ultra-terrestrials, cryptids, and/or archetypes from the collective unconscious, a multitude of mind numbing synchronicities, and consciousness expansion through mystical and shamanistic practices. This plethora of extraordinary incidents opened them up (as it would anyone) to cosmic intricacies of nature and the fluidity of reality. High strangeness is a subset of the paranormal domain, involving the intersection of multiple paranormal phenomena; such as Bigfoot and UFO sightings occurring in the same geographic location. This highly strange coalescence demonstrates reality is more bizarre than we can imagine and the tapestry of paranormal weirdness makes a simple UFO sighting tame by comparison. Within the pages of this volume Vaughn endeavors to unravel the theories and practices underlying high strangeness in general, while weaving a captivating narrative around his own firsthand experiences with the phenomena.  This book serves as an excellent entry point for individuals venturing into the realm of high strangeness for the first time, providing a comprehensive introduction, including: a historical background on the subject; discussion of the best researchers in the field, past and present; and a survey of the theories as to why these phenomena occur. Moreover, it is an indispensable addition to the collection of any seasoned researcher, as it offers not only a historical overview of the phenomenon but also insightful analysis into the cosmic mechanisms underlying high strangeness and presents how the phenomena manifested in the author’s life, providing a substantial path into learning about these phenomena in a deeper way. This book stands out by presenting a fresh perspective and new approach to the exploration of high strangeness, while beginning to elucidate a magick of high strangeness. Both endeavors aim to ensure that one's encounter with the phenomena has a positive impact on their life, rather than merely contributing to further instability and confusion. The focus of the My Cosmic Trigger project is on providing guidance and insights that enable individuals to navigate their experiences with a sense of empowerment and clarity, fostering a constructive and transformative relationship with the phenomena rather than being overwhelmed by it. This volume in particular (and the overall series in general) is intended to be a guidebook for people going through high strangeness initiations of the type shown in Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger and in the documentary series Hellier. If you are going down the rabbit hole for the first time or the twenty third, My Cosmic Trigger is here for you.  My Cosmic Trigger transcends a mere book series; it is a multifaceted multimedia project. Accompanying this endeavor is The Matt Vaughn Show podcast, where each chapter will be thoroughly examined and expanded upon. Recognizing the potential that each chapter could be a book in and of itself, this audio guide serves as a valuable resource, delving into the intricacies of each chapter in greater depth and detail. Readers and listeners will also have the opportunity to interact with the material in a more meaningful way, through mycosmictrigger.com. For example, Vaughn encourages readers to send in their own stories of high strangeness to crowdsource the unraveling of this cosmic mystery. More broadly he encourages participation in the My Cosmic Trigger hypersigil because it is through the transformative act of experiencing the hypersigil that we each pull our own individual cosmic triggers. For those looking to ‘find the others’, experience a community of like minded individuals, and more fully delve into the magick of high strangeness, Vaughn offers his group: the Çhaplains Öf Peril. About the Author Vaughn has been a practicing psychotherapist for the past 15 years, working with clients from over 30 countries in his private practice and he has also worked in notable mental health and addiction treatment centers in the U.S.A. He received his MA in psychology from the University of West Georgia which was started on orders of Abraham Maslow (a founding father of Humanistic Psychology). The psychology program at UWG is one of the only humanistic and transpersonal oriented departments in the world. It has featured such luminary professors as Raymond Moody (who coined the term Near Death Experience in Life After Life), William Roll (world renowned parapsychologist), Mike Aarons (Maslow’s student and a co-founder of the humanistic psychology movement), Tobin Hart (The Secret Spiritual World of Children and Simon and Schuster’s The Four Virtues) and Larry Schor (2004 Georgia counselor of the year and mentee of the Canadian Timothy Leary, Duncan Blewett, author of The Frontiers of Being). Thinkers closely affiliated with the program are represented in the special collections of the college’s library, which include the personal papers of: Sidney Jourard (leading force in humanistic psychology movement, The Transparent Self), Stanley Krippner (a founding father of Transpersonal Psychology and pioneering dream researcher), and Ingo Swann (psychic, artist, co-creator of remote viewing, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy).  Vaughn has been a practitioner of mystical and shamanistic spiritual approaches for 25 years; from around 1999 to 2002 he personally studied with Allen Greenfield (author of Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts and featured in the Hellier documentary series). He has been researching the paranormal for 35 years; Vaughn’s elementary school librarian tried to intervene with his parents when she discovered he was researching the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. He has been practicing Stand-Up comedy since 2011, performing extensively in Atlanta and Istanbul; sharing the stage with Margaret Cho (Grammy and Emmy Award nominated stand-up comedian and actress) and performing with notable comedians- Ari Shaffir (Double Negative, Netflix) and Joe Zimmerman (Smiling at Wolves which reached number two on the iTunes comedy charts) on his podcast. Vaughn has been podcasting since 2006 and in 2010 he started producing The BOB Show which is still active. He co-hosts the show with Magus of the Para-modern age, Bob Dobbs (Phatic Communion with Bob Dobbs). Dobbs was archivist of Marshall McLuhan (father of media studies) and Donald Theall (McLuhan’s first Phd student, author of The Virtual McLuhan) crowned Dobbs the “new McLuhan” shortly before his death in 2008. He is now focusing on his podcast, The Matt Vaughn Show which has featured interviews with culturally significant individuals such as David Thibodeau (survivor of the Waco siege).   Vaughn is a multi-dimensional artist: a poet (2 self published collections of poems, runner up in the 2020 Istanbul Poetry Slam), screenwriter, painter, and member of the Costa Rican avant garde rock band, Parapunk. He is also avid outdoorsman working to create sacred space on his land in Western North Carolina and Turkey. To learn more go to- mattvaughn.onuniverse.com. 


  • Wayang:	The Shadow Play

    Wayang: The Shadow Play

    Wayang: The Shadow Play is a book about an unintentional discovery of MKUltra and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) programming running in the author's family. The book begins with an outline of her childhood, because much of the research involved remembering the strange and unexplainable things that happened in her life. The investigative journey begins after she has lost it all, this was when she chose to learn why her life was seemingly jinxed instead of giving up on life entirely. At the time she had no idea what an amazing journey was about to unfold. She threw up allover the bed. She was thrown into a mental institution and drugged against her Will. She was abducted! She didn't think she would survive and prepared for her demise. And just as she was knocking at Death's Door, found her long lost ancestors who were the only ones able to help her. Learning about her ancestors was only one of the pieces needed to piece the puzzle of Anna's life together. The book continues with heavily quoted references and research into Psychopathy, Mental Illness, Satanism and Christianity and includes a condensed narrarive of her father's book Tjideng Reunion, a memoir of his experience in the WW2 Java concentration camp for women and children. The book ends with a cross examination of the research with the author's ancestral tree, and includes hand drawn renderings of related family crests, which raises fresh and interesting questions about the images these crests have been endowed with, in light of the research. I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in trauma survival, social engineering, mental illness, MKUltra, WW2 or those who are researching these things and have genuine concern for the disturbing events unfolding around us today.


  • Follow The Money: How China Bought the World

    Follow The Money: How China Bought the World

    While anyone can hop on a plane and fly anywhere in the world for work or a holiday, investigative journalist Michael McCarthy combines the two, using his frequent press trips as research for hundreds of stories of his travels to nearly 50 countries. While ostensibly reporting about places to stay, where to go and what to do on vacation, he also keeps his eye out for hidden clues about ways that the Chinese Communist Party is secretly infiltrating western democracies in order to take over the world. The book is structured as a page turner, one trip leading to the next, told in narrative style about what the author sees and where, and why the reader should know and care about what is actually happening to the world behind the scenes. The Chinese are taking over the world, and using Westerners money to do so, a true Trojan horse disguised as actions good for all concerned, but deadly dangerous for all.


  • The Big Fix - 2000 DVD

    The Big Fix - 2000 DVD

    Who owns America's elections? Did Mobsters decide the fate of the election in Florida, in a contest that had nothing to do with counting hanging chad? Wile the nation's eyes were riveted on punch cards being held up to the light, charges a new documentary, Mob-controlled companies that count America's vote were slipping through the back door and stealing the election.


  • Gangster Planet: 	Where "Being Connected" Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

    Gangster Planet: Where "Being Connected" Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

    Gangster Planet, which is thoroughly researched and documented, yet written in a style that entertains while it informs. Much of the book provides historical analysis about how—as technology is constantly changing—crime not only persists unabated, but criminals upgrade their modernized techniques of doing business as well.It also shows how criminals involved in drug trafficking work hand-in-hand with more “professional” white-collar criminals who assist in laundering the proceeds of crime through public corporations throughout the world.An alternative subtitle could have been “The Transition of Organized Crime into Transnational Organized Crime”.


  • Houses of the Holy: A Nightmare Web of Hate, Crime, Corruption and Child Abuse

    Houses of the Holy: A Nightmare Web of Hate, Crime, Corruption and Child Abuse

    This is an unprecedented story of one man’s survival in his struggle against the power of the Federal Government, State Government, the extreme right, the religious right, the mob, and the cult of Freemasonry. It is extremely well documented and focuses on unholy alliances and the strangle hold religion and money have on politics and law enforcement. It exposes a legacy of hate and corruption in the religious right and Freemasonry. The colorful cast of often cartoonish characters is compelling and will shock and entertain the reader. It includes a federal convict engaged in a life of crime while local state and federal authorities run around in circles cleaning up after him, George W. Bush’s former attorney, the son of a mobster who was a known associate of Santo Trafficante Jr., the son of the racist doctor who chose the first astronauts, former Governor Rick Scott, the US Acting Assistant Attorney General and future Acting Attorney General, and parade of religious leaders willing to commit crimes to protect a monster, and many others.




    The book represents an exciting visual investigation using rare and never-before-published documents and photos. There has never been a book on the Chicago plot shortly before the Kennedy assassination, as well as an in-depth look at prior plots and threats. A much better understanding of the assassination and the realization that this was not just a random act but the byproduct of a moving crime of prior plots, threats, and persons of interest. One could never believe the official story of the crime of the century, the Kennedy assassination, ever again.



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